Registered Electrician in Sleaford

The majority of our customers don't understand what Part P actually means. However most customers have heard of NAPIT and feel these 'letters' mean something good and they should look for them when searching for an electrician.

Whilst the true meaning of what NAPIT does or means never springs to mind in 90% of cases, it is known for being a mark of quality and a safe, high standard of workmanship by registered Electricans in Sleaford.

This is huge piece of mind for customers who struggle to find the right electrician and cannot be excpected to understand the meaning of the Part P building regulation.

So why have we always been and always will be a NAPIT registered electrician?Quite simply,it is for my customers piece of mind, not just for the fact they recognise NAPIT as a mark of quality but also for our belief in each and every job being carried out to the same high standard and ensuring customer satisfaction at the end.

The reason why we set up Marshall Sadler ltd 5 years ago was to fill a huge gaping hole in the domestic market. As electricians with over 15 years experience it frustrated us to see the the lack of care and attention on electrical work bieng carried out in peoples homes. It is our goal to provide a comprehensive electrical service that is friendly, efficient and geared towards helping home owners and small businesses in the Sleaford area and surrounding villages.

Every year each NAPIT member undergoes a thorough examination of the work they are carrying out, along with regular training updates. These are a real benefit for the electrician too in that this is good opportunity to quiz the inspector on up coming changes in the industry.

This is another great reason why i would always advise using an electrician who is registered with NAPIT. The electrical inspections are stringent and really test our knowledge of safety and electrical work. If you use a NAPIT registered electrician, you will be sure of a safe standard of work from a company who take genuine pride in the work they carry out.

Another good reason is the protection you receive as a customer. All electrical work we do carries a 6 year insurance backed warranty which is backed by NAPIT. Quality workmanship and a friendly manner are all part of the service here at Marshall Sadler ltd.