Do you need an Electrician in Sleaford?

Do you need an Electrician in Sleaford?

A recent survey sent to UK householders reveal the dangerous risks that UK householders take when carrying out work on their home electrics.

Whilst not all DIY electrical work is illegal, it does require a common sense approach. It is perfectly legal for you to carry out like for like DIY replacements in your home, so
if you are looking to replace some lights in your living room or replace a damaged socket front you can do this - but only if you feel confident in doing so.

However it seems as though householders are not aware that they are breaking the law as they carry out some high scale electrical projects in their homes. The main
problem of course here is that there is no guarantee that the work is safe nor is it certified maeaning the work not only puts the home and family members at risk but it
could also cause problems at a later date if the house were to be sold.

Looking at the results of a survey, it is concerning what electrical DIY work householders will undertake. Furthermore, when asked about th Part P of the building regulations, it would appear that these people are blissfully unaware of it.Despite large public campaigns by the likes of NAPIT, highlighting the importance of only
using a registered electrician.

So what sort of work are homeowners undertaking? According to the survey 1 out of 7 homeowners have rewired areas of their homes, 1 out of 5 have changed
their consumer unit ( fusebox), 1 in 6 have installed garden lighting and 1 in 8 have installed electric underfloor heating.

Electricity Kills 1 person in the UK every week and injures 1000's more. There is a great concern that the lack of knowledge and skill is contributing to these worrying numbers.

It would seem that much of these works being carried out are an attempt to save the end consumer some money, unfortunately as often is the case it can cost much more,
this is due to the fact that when this work is done incorrectly, more often than not the homeowner has to call an electrician to rectify the problem.

I would be very wary of carrying out electrical work in your home, damaging the existing wiring can be a costly repair and is far cheaper to use a Part P registered
electrician first off.

I often get calls to repair DIY electrical work and have seen numerous occasions of poor electrical work in the Sleaford area of Lincolnshire.

The frightening thing is with an electrical fault, it can often go un noticed for a long period of time.

In 2012 the Electrical safety register was launched where the general public can access the contct details of local registered electricians.
Hopefully this will go some way to resolving the issues above and educating the public on not using electricians who are not on the register. It is as simple as typing in the electricians company name or postcode and you will find them on the register. visit

You will find us under Marshall Sadler ltd registration number 25451 or search our postcode NG34 8BD